Friday, August 7, 2009

Cory Aquino's Blueprint of the Presidential Governance

by Daisy T. Besing*

It is said that the government has had no blueprint of political development. Philippine politics doesn’t have any blueprint as they govern the country. The dictatorship were being used by the government officials to ruled over the country, because they want to used their power to trounced the right of the people. By the grace and good plan of God, He gave us the blessing to gain freedom and to experience the life of being a free human being. President Aquino is said to be the icon of democracy, the mother of the free Filipino people.

Corazon Aquino became the first woman president of the Philippines in 1986 when she defeated Ferdinand E. Marcos. During her presidency, she abolished the National Assembly and replaced the constitution with a new one that was adopted by popular vote in 1987. In 1983, she married Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., who was assassinated in 1983.

DEMOCRACY is the blueprint of President Aquino. The restoration of democracy was made by her, for us Filipinos felt the freedom and open our wings to do what do we want to do. The establishment of its necessary institution such as the independent, honorable judiciary, executive and legislative as the government form of the Philippines.

Voting is the most way of exercising our rights to choose the right political leaders and bring us into a leading development country. Aquino leaved us her meaningful governance, and the succeeding leaders must continue and treasure the gift of democracy.

The governance of Aquino was not really good because she didn’t resolve the problem of poverty, graft and corruption but still she did her best to restore the democracy of the Philippines, that marks her blueprint of democracy.

* A Senior Mass Communication student who believes that Cory engraved within us the real blueprint of democracy.


  1. I'm a bit confused to this line...

    "In 1983, she married Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., who was assassinated in 1983."

    Anyway, congratulation MC9! more power to all!

    -lloyd -

  2. ok lang ang article kay makarelate pud ko......


  3. There are a lots of typographical error but i appreciate the effort of yours.

    yes, democracy was the best blueprint that cory aquino has done during her governance.